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Our Terms and Conditions

Your Instructor and Diamond Driving School

Your instructor is a self-employed franchisee (�Your Instructor�) of Diamond Driving School. Diamond Driving School acts as agent for Your Instructor in receiving your payments for driving tuition other than payments made directly by You to Your Instructor. Where Diamond Driving School makes bookings with, or supplies any information or documentation to you, or processes any payments for your lessons, they act as the agent of Your Instructor. The contract for driving tuition is solely between You (�Client�) and Your Instructor.

Driving school car hire for your practical test Practical test

Practical test hire of the driving school car for use during the practical test will be charged at the normal hourly lesson rate. I reserve the right to withhold the use of the driving school car for practical test, if in my opinion the chances of passing the test are unrealistic.

Driving licence/health

The Pupil certifies that a valid suitable Driving Licence is held to drive the tuition vehicle. Pupils must inform their Instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their Driving Licence during the period they are receiving tuition or there are any changes to their health that may affect their ability to drive safely/legally.

Practical test cancellation

In the event of the driving school car being unavailable on the day of the practical test for reasons of illness on my part, or for reasons of mechanical failure, I will refund test fees incurred by you in full. In the event of the practical test being cancelled by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency, it is normal practice for the test fee to be refunded by them, however lessons booked on the day will be subject to the 24 hrs late notice cancellation and will require payment (some of these fees can normally be claimed back from the D.V.S.A).


In the event that pre-pay deals/blocks of lessons are not completed before you pass the practical test with us, any unused training time will be re-calculated at the appropriate lesson rate and the remainder refunded accordingly.

Cancellation of lesson by pupil

I require 24 hrs notice for all cancellations and rescheduling of lessons. I will charge the full lesson amount where 24 hrs notice has not been given.

Cancellations during Covid-19

Your instructor will contact you before each lesson to check:

• If you or anyone in your household has become unwell or has symptoms of COVID
• If you or anyone in your household has been tested in the last week
• If you believe you may have been in contact with someone showing symptoms
• If you or anyone in your household have become unwell or are showing symptoms

If so please inform your instructor, your lesson will be rescheduled to a later date at no cost.
If your instructor has any of the above they will inform you and reschedule your lesson.
Should you or your instructor show symptoms during the lesson, the lesson will be terminated at no cost.

Lessons offers and discounts

Lesson offers and discounts can change at any time without prior notice. I will give at least 2 weeks notice of any change to the standard hourly lesson charge.

Complaints procedures

Please bring to my notice any complaints that you may have and I will endeavour to address the situation. If the matter cannot be resolved by myself, contact our office staff on 07810 726 622. In the event that you are not satisfied, you may then make reference to the registrar of approved driving instructors (regarding the conduct/behavior of the driving instructor) who will consider the matter and advise accordingly. With regards to complaints about business dealings, contact your local Trading Standards office.


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